Throat Chakra : Mala

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"The words you speak become the house you live in." -Hafiz

Your communication is elegant, your voice is heard. The words you speak both outwardly + inwardly are the tools you use to build your dreams.  The stones chosen correlate to this energy center and support the clarity and the power of the story you choose to tell.

A reminder : I express myself freely, and I am supported greatly.

White quartz create the landscape with flecks of ammonite, lapis, angelite, and turquoise with a blue chalcedony gem anchoring the back of the garland.

White Quartz : connects to your deep inner wisdom
Amazonite : soothing
Angelite : stone of awareness
Lapis :
encourages self awareness + allows for fluid self expression
Turquoise : purifies, strengthens, allows for the soul to express
Blue Chalcedony : creative stone that is said to impart verbal dexterity + enhances listening skills

Measures 16" in length.

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